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11.3 - 13.1 Hands

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Height: 12.2 hh

Colour: Grey

Sex: Gelding

Likes: Teaching children to canter.

Dislikes: Going too slow!

Height: 13 hh

Colour: Skewbald

Sex: Mare

Likes: Riding down the bridle paths..

Dislikes: Being caught in the field - (likes to stay out!)



Height:  12 hh

Colour: Bay

Sex: Gelding

Likes: Food, riding down the paths

Dislikes: Empty hay nets

Height: 12.2 hh

Colour: Chestnut

Sex: Mare

Likes: Sarah and jumping

Dislikes: Spooky places



Height: 13hh

Colour: Piebald

Sex: Mare

Likes: Hacking, people and rolling in the mud.

Dislikes: Eyedrops

Height: 13hh

Colour: Black 

Sex: Mare

Likes: Lots of TLC, spending time with other ponies. 

Dislikes: Being on her own, going too slow.