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Riding Lessons

Our qualified staff will help you learn to ride and realise your riding potential. We have lessons for adults, teenagers and children of all standards from complete beginners through to advanced, with a very wide range of horses to suit every rider.

We have group lessons at times to suit:

  • - Tue, Wed, Thur & Fri evening
  • - Saturday (all day) and Sunday morning
  • - During the day Tuesday through Friday

Call the Office for a chat about which lesson might suit 0161 624 2849.

Teaching Children

At Croft End we pride ourselves on providing a friendly learning environment, where every child can show progression and receive recognition for their skill development. We want every one of our riders to enjoy their riding lesson and aim to make it the highlight of their week!

We can offer:

  • - 30min lead rein lesson for when your child is starting to ride
  • - Suitable ponies for their lesson
  • - Learning in both our indoor and outdoor arena

Beginner riders: Four times a week we hold lead rein group lessons for children. These are 30 minutes lessons, conducted by a qualified instructor and the aim is to teach the child how to safely steer, walk, trot, and stop after which they can then join a one hour child's group lesson.

As your child progresses we will discuss with you the possibility of moving to a more advanced lesson.

All children will improve and gain confidence at different speeds and we recognise the importance of treating each child as an individual.


  • We have experienced and qualified riding school instructors who are competent and enthusiastic. Each lesson has a regular instructor providing continuity of learning and a level of personal care. This helps your child to feel happy and confident every time they ride. Our instructors on children lessons are:- Chris Murphy, Hayley Postill, Alice Keane, Sarah Dean and Vicky Tibbot
  • Please note for insurance purposes we cannot take children under five years of age.

Teaching Teenagers and Adults

Whether you are a complete beginner, lapsed rider, nervous or lacking confidence, competent and wanting to progress, we can offer a wide variety of well schooled horses to help you achieve your goals. Our instructors on teenager and adult lessons are:Hayley Postill, Chris Murphy, Alice Keane, Sarah Dean and Vicky Tibbott. Lessons are held both during the day on week days and week ends as well as in the evenings.

Have a chat with Pat or Carole to discuss your individual needs 0161 624 2849.