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Tayla Lewis 

Croft end is where I learnt to ride at the age of 9 and carried on with my lessons for many of years. I continued to have lessons even when i had my own ponies! After leaving school in 2010 I decided that I wanted a career with horses but didn't want to move away from home! Croft end/Reaseheath was an smazing stepping stone where I studied for 2 years where I was taught by Lisa and Claire! After leaving croft end, I got a job with a top showing producer where I got the opportunity to ride and own some of the best show ponies in the country! I have competed at all major county shows including HOYS, Royal International and Olympia! I am also on the CHAPS UK judging panel. 
I have been working with horses for 8 years now and will continue too for many years!

Alex Whittaker

From my early days at Croft end riding and working and spending every spare minute there I continued with my passion for working with horses. I spent 3years undertaking equine studies at reaseheath  college in Nantwich. I wished to develop my skills and knowledge further and was really interested in horse breeding. I managed to secure a job on a stud farm in Australia in 2015 and I have lived there for the past 3yrs and now have residency in Australia. I have worked on three stud farms that breed thoroughbred race horses. I am based in the hunter valley in New South Wales.The farms are approx 15,000 acres and the breeding season is is the busiest part of the year, and last from July until December. Duties include - preparing mares to breed, foaling down mares, looking after new born foals, taking mares to get covered by the stallion, and starting to work with yearlings to prepare them for the sales starting from January. Throughout the year, we will have clients and owners visiting to have a look at the horses, so we parade the horse for them. I also work closely with vets and farriers on a day to day basis. My first job was working with mares and learning the breeding programme so I  helped deliver lots of foals and racing champs to be. The second job was working with the yearlings and preparing them for the sales which were held on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. My current position is working with stallions which are proven in the racing industry. I love what I do and how I’ve changed my passion into a career.

Alice Keane 

I was taught to ride at Croft End from the age of 9 and in 2010 I came to Croft End to study with Reaseheath. I gained qualifications BHS Stage 1 and 2, level 3 in Horse Management, Ride and Road Safety and then was offered a full time position at Croft End where I trained for my instructors qualification. 
I enjoyed my time as a student as the standard of care is exceptional and I received so much help and guidance from my tutor Lisa Sharp and from Pat and Carole. 
I have continued to work as a full time instructor and my training is on going; jumping lessons with AndrewHamiltonCoach, First Aid, Child Protection etc. 
I love my job at Croft End, I enjoy teaching children how to ride on our amazing little ponies and adults on the lovely horses. As an instructor it’s great seeing riders grow with confidence and technique and gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pride in my work. This place is not just work, I have built some lovely friendships with not just other members of staff but students and customers aswel. 
I can highly recommend training with Reaseheath/Croft End as a pathway to a career with horses.


Jane Boyden

After doing my A Levels I decided that I wanted a career in horses but didn’t want to leave home, so studying through Reaseheath College at Croft End was an ideal opportunity.
I studied here for 2 years where in was taught by Lisa and Claire, and gained my BHS Stage 1+2, Level 3 in Horse Management, Riding And Road Safety as well as both Equine and Human First Aid.
After leaving college I went to work on the yard at Gilliver Vets, where I was soon appointed Head Girl. My responsibilities included the day to day running/ overseeing the yard, working alongside the vets and assisting with any inpatients or any procedures that were taking place as well as looking after John and Annes horses, this included getting them fit and prepping them for the hunting season. I would have to get them ready for a days hunting sometimes even a few days away hunting, then when they came back home sorting them out.
When hunting season was over the showing season would start, so again the responsibilities of Annes show horses as well as clients horses. So this would include prepping for shows, going through the show dates and planning the season, ensuring all their tack was correct and suitable, feeding, work regime for the week as well as going to the shows with them as a groom.
I’ve worked at Gilliver vets for the past 3 ½ years and have loved every minute as well as gaining a vast amount of knowledge and experience that will stay with me for a long time.
I now work for John and Anne as their personal groom, with the responsibilities of keeping johns hunters looking smart as well as still having an input on their fitness regimes, tack changes etc. but my main responsibility is being a show groom. This requires me to keep the show horses looking and going well, ensuring all show tack etc is correct and changing it if required. I get the horses ready for the ring and I travel to all the shows with them such as RIHS, HOYS, Royal Windsor, Great Yorkshire, Cheshire County etc. as well as working with these show horses I compete my own when I can, contesting RIHS/HOYS qualifiers at shows such as Cheshire County, Great Yorkshire, N.O.E, etc.
Throughout the winter months I clip client’s horses and I have a large client base which includes clipping some client’s horses for major competitions including HOYS which is just around the corner as I specialise in show clips, but I do go out and do general clips. During the summer months and throughout the showing season I have a large client base for trimming and prepping horses for the show ring, including this year winners of RIHS, Great Yorkshire, Cheshire County and Royal Windsor.
As well as this I work as yard manager at a riding pony stud where my responsibilities are looking after the mares and foals, yearlings/young stock, weaning mares and foals, and the general day to day running of the yard.
I can highly recommend training through Reaseheath College as a pathway to a career in/with horses.

Sophie Collins 

I started at Croft End/Reaseheath as I always wanted to work with horses since I was 5 years old. I've always had a horse and loved Dressage.
I enjoyed my time at Croft End/Reaseheath, I met some friends of a life time and learnt how to work on a busy working yard, at the back end of my 2nd year at Croft End I was offered a working pupil position at a Grand Prix Dressage yard in Surrey and a week after I finished college I moved away from home to Surrey and never looked back.
I went to other yards which where top dressage yards, I started as a working pupil at the age of 18 but by the age of 19 I was a yard manager, I had the amazing opportunity to work for Amy Stovold, Daniel Timpson and train with Andrew Gould.I loved every minute working on the dressage yards I highly recommend Croft End/Reaseheath to go and learn about horses if it wasn't for the Croft End team I wouldn't of experienced what I did! So Thank you Croft End/Reaseheath for preparing me for the Industry!